Mix Elixir project with Ecto

Jul 30, 2018

In this post I am going to share how to make a Mix project with Elixir and Ecto. I was using Elixir 1.7.3 while making this project. For this section, I started with an empty template of the mix project but its a template. More about this can be found over here.


Elixir Httpoison Floki scrapper

Jul 22, 2018

Github Link of the repo: https://github.com/prio101/gurdian_scrapper I started to work with elixir language short time ago. And as people say, there are no other way better than creating small one or two side projects to sharpen your skill sets.


Fake Data For Rails Development

Mar 20, 2016

While developing web-application we always face such circumstances , when we are in badly need of some real-looking data which can get our application features in a proving position , for showing it to our client or even team or sometime it is highly recommended to create fake data that we can test against it the features we have created.



Dec 4, 2015

if we start to talk about the web revolution , we can see how everything is starting to depend on the javascript. Moreover now new armies of technology get the Node Js . Well , so the fact is it comes with many new tools and funs.


Streams of Gulp

Jul 8, 2015

Modern Ecology of advanced tools made web development quite easy and more welcoming . As you can see there is countless stuff out there to bake our scratch-pad quite quick. Javascript task runner is a new juice among web developers. Gulp is that kind of legion .



Apr 26, 2015

We do use editors in everyday manner . And If we are like those people who stay behind computer screen trying to make something eligible of throwing out of the window of internet , then we have a specific relationship with our favorite editor . Well sometimes it like a relationship that can be painful or sometimes which worth to know that is “yes its my editor here… technically mine…” Why speaking this intro stuff while we can jump straight to the point , right ? because Vim made me to say these.


Bit of SASS - Part 2

Feb 4, 2015

CSS Preprocessor is new Pie in world of Web Development. And in my last post I started about a beautiful preprocessor named SASS. And this is another part after last post.


Bit of SASS

Jan 23, 2015

We are living in a age of wonders. How can you tell? Well in few years back developers had to take a lot of pain to make a good piece of CSS. Now they have some pre-processors , new designs and new way of doing works.


Rails 101

Jan 19, 2015

There is a few awesome frameworks which is almost like ruling the worlds of Web Development. If I start to count there is some heavy amount of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter , Laravel , Phalcon , Yii , Zend , ASP .NET or Python Django and ofcourse many more .


Getting up with RVM

Jan 18, 2015

There is many times in different blogs and in forums I watch a post about ruby installtion problem . Even if I stay honest I also face that kind of problem . People love Ruby and it’s framework Railsbecause it is easy and powerfull. But when it is not managed it can become very complex.


Power of jekyll

Jan 18, 2015

There is some powerful tools out there in the big vast ocean of the technology. Some of them is like , very generous toward the needs of a very specific task and thus they never get lost or never lost their charm.


My First Blog Post

Jan 13, 2015

This is my first writing in this Blog , I was really looking a place to write down my thoughts and my experiences which I learn along my personal and mostly my career life .