I am Mahabub Islam.

Extensive knowledge of Web development, from concept through implementation and optimisation. Analytical overview, problem solving mindset and creative thinking toward the new and existing product features.

Core Qualification

I am a full-stack developer with more than 3.5 years experiences in Ruby On Rails web Development. I have been programming in Ruby on Rails for these years. My primary specialisation is Full-stack development of product features with emphasis on the backend and REST API and with Agile approach.

- Test Driven Development.
- Team player and multitasking as whole.
- Working into start up environment.

Technical Skills

- Ruby, Ruby on Rails
- Elixir Lang and Phoenix Framework.
- ReactJs, JavaScript
- PostgreSQL
- Git, GitHub, Gitlab, BitBucket
- WebServices/Restful API's
- Code Review
- Heroku, Digital Ocean servers [ DevOps Related works ]
- RSpec, TDD, BDD
- Agile Approach based working [ Sprint Based ]
- Unix Based Operating System.

Contact me at: me@mahabub.space