Written by Mahabub I.

if we start to talk about the web revolution , we can see how everything is starting to depend on the javascript. Moreover now new armies of technology get the Node Js . Well , so the fact is it comes with many new tools and funs.

Less is one of that

Let us have a quick look on that today. Its a preprocessor of css . Its based on the node js runtime and yes partially in Rhino environment. Means that we have to get Nodejs installed in our computer to use Less. to install less we have to,

$ npm install -g less

type this in your terminal. And its there in your computer. we can invoke less from terminal or even from the nodejs.

To give a easy short view , there is many GUI out there to help you with such thing. Like one is my favorite , and its name is Koala .


Lets get us on the features we can have with Less:

You see the whole less is full of wonders , that can give us good feeling about front-end design. We can read more about it on its own Documentation . Which is in Here

So , I hope putting aside all the stuff you have to do this evening you will jump over the docs and learn that beautiful thing.

I am Mahabub I. wishing you all a very happy session with less to do more. Until next time , take care.

Written by : Mahabub Islam

Done At: Dec 4,2015