Written by Mahabub I.

We do use editors in everyday manner . And If we are like those people who stay behind computer screen trying to make something eligible of throwing out of the window of internet , then we have a specific relationship with our favorite editor . Well sometimes it like a relationship that can be painful or sometimes which worth to know that is “yes its my editor here… technically mine…” Why speaking this intro stuff while we can jump straight to the point , right ? because Vim made me to say these.

I can start little history here . But these will only ruin your time and I want to leave this up to you . Just for a reason , VIM is a successor of the VI and Vi is available in almost every kind of Operating System [ Excluding the Windows ] .

You just have to open your terminal and write

$ vi


$ vim

and its there. Opened with its glorious 80’s retro view . Going to call you over into its dark and powerfull world . Okay, if this doesn’t happen with you then please just go to the vim online and download it from there .

if you are here then you are near the otherside of the galaxy …

okay , that is quite offtopic. So , I suppose you got it . then let’s play with it . If have to know about VIM . Then can buy a BOOK or bang your head on the screen . Or like me you just can type in your terminal :

$ vimtutor

This will show you a interactive 30 minute tutorial. Hope this will only take you 2 hours to grasp the whole stuff !!!

But , after learning the basics . You will definitely try to get more of it . Yes , thats the real human nature . But with meta humans they build it by there own effort .

So , there is a place where you can get it all or almost all : VimAwesome

And you will get all the plugins and stuff you need to claim your own editor Which will always stay you awake and give you pain to remember that its yours .

And a quick tip,for better package management use Vundle

Vim is not there as a ready stuff rather its a ready to be yours if you are someone who dig up mines and take the real ruby out of it .

until next time , Mahabub Islam

N:B: for your headache - I am not responsible.

Written by : Mahabub Islam

Done At: Apr 26,2015